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  • How can I participate in the Remembering Rosewood Centennial?
    There are a variety of opportunities for you to participate. Guests may attend any of the open to the public events. Guests may also contribute financially in a variety of ways. Learn more about how individuals can support us at and how businesses and corporations can support us at
  • Why is it important to commemorate such an event?
    In an America that still struggles with the reverberating effects of its complicated history, Rosewood is an emblem of hope. Events such as the Remembering Rosewood Centennial allow the victims of the horrific happenings to use their voice(s) to shape their narrative while also providing perspective to frame the feelings surrounding sensitive issues of race, reparations, and renewal in America.
  • Where can I find out more about Rosewood?
    There are a variety of sources to research for information. Two of the original sources are the ”60 Minutes” interview with Ed Bradley from 1983. You can find the video on our Legacy page at You can also read all about it at
  • Who is hosting the Remembering Rosewood Centennial?
    The Remembering Rosewood Centennial is hosted by The Descendants of Rosewood, Inc. The Descendants of Rosewood, Inc. was founded by Rosewood descendant, Gregory Doctor and his wife, Paris Murphy-Doctor to host the centennial and propel the Rosewood legacy into the future. Learn more about The Descendants of Rosewood, Inc. at
  • What does Remembering Rosewood Centennial consist of?
    The Remembering Rosewood Centennial Commemoration consists of a carefully curated schedule of events. You may learn more about the activities here.
  • What is Rosewood?
    Rosewood refers to the prominent Black town in Florida that was destroyed by a mob in January 1923 in a racially-motivated attack. Read more about the tragic event at
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